Travel Locker Plates

Order a set of travel nameplates while on the road. Customized with a variety of options these travel locker nameplates will bring out the team spirit.

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These locker nameplates are road worthy. Custom graphics include your team logo and colors. These nameplates are available in our laminate, hard plastic or peel-n-stick.

Our laminate travel locker plates are designed and sealed using a heavy laminate pouch, keeping them light-weight and less bulky. On the back, order our repositionable tape already attached to the nameplate—just peel off the backing and stick to the locker door.

The hard-plastic travel nameplates are printed on our durable high impact rigid styrene making them much sturdier. Mounting options include, magnet, repositionable tape, velcro, or none.

Our peel-n-stick nameplates are printed on our super sticky back vinyl and sent to you as decal sets. Conveniently sent to you in letter-size sheets for easy packing and transporting with your gear and equipment on the road. Just peel and stick to your lockers. Peel and Sticks are our most popular travel locker nameplate option, also the most economical!

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Additional Styles that May Interest You

Rectangular or square in shape, traditional locker plates can be customized to fit your team’s needs.

custom profile locker plates nameplates

Tailored with the shape of your logo in mind these profile locker plates will make your brand pop.

custom back-lit locker plates nameplates

Brighten up your locker room with our custom back-lit locker plates.

custom acrylic locker plates nameplates

Appreciate our clear thick acrylic nameplates that can be customized to your needs.

custom metal metallic locker plates nameplates

Printed directly on sliver or gold tin, metallic locker plates will outshine the rest.

desk nameplates

Spice up your office desk with a custom desk nameplate.