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Dress up your office with a personalized desk nameplate. We have a variety of options designed to meet your needs.

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Our desk nameplates are designed with your school or organization in mind, our plates will make a statement. Graphics printed directly to silver or gold metal with UV-safe ink, then applied to either a wood wedge base or slide into a medal base. Acrylic base options also available for a sleek, clean look.
Standard sizes are 2′′ x 8′′ or 2′′ x 10′′ and have an optional .25′′ round corner. See individual product details and features below.
Wood Wedge Desk Plates
Available in rosewood, walnut or black Piano finishes, these wedge bases are a staple product at Tag Up. Available in either 2×8 or 2×10 in size. Graphics are printed onto choice of gold or silver tin.
Acrylic Block Base
Graphics are directly printed onto this solid chunk of acrylic. Only available in 2×10 size.
Stand Alone Custom Cut Acrylic
These can be cut into any shape including names. Cut out of 1/2″ to 3/4″ acrylics these piece can stand on there own base. Any size/shape available. Your designer and sales person will help you create the perfect piece for your desk.
Custom Cut Acrylic with Pins
Graphics are directly printed to custom cut 1/4′′ acrylic! Self-standing with sleek stainless-steel pegs. Any size/shape available. Work one-on-one with your designer to create the perfect desk plate for your staff and admin!
Metal Base with Metal Slide-In
Available in 2×8, 2×10 or 2×12 sizes, these metal base stands work great and hold up under the most extreme work conditions. Available in silver, rose gold or black and graphics printed onto choice of gold or silver tin.

See above for samples of our desk nameplates.

Additional Styles that May Interest You

Rectangular or square in shape, traditional locker plates can be customized to fit your team’s needs.

custom profile locker plates nameplates

Tailored with the shape of your logo in mind these profile locker plates will make your brand pop.

custom back-lit locker plates nameplates

Brighten up your locker room with our custom back-lit locker plates.

custom metal metallic locker plates nameplates

Printed directly on sliver or gold tin, metallic locker plates will outshine the rest.

custom acrylic locker plates nameplates

Cherish these clear thick acrylic nameplates that can be customized to your brand.

custom travel locker nameplates plates

Enjoy the perks of feeling like you are home with travel locker plates.