Acrylic Locker Plates

These locker nameplates are printed directly on durable thick .25″ acrylic with stainless steel holding pins. These locker plates can be custom to suit any shape, sport, or brand.

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Additional Styles that May Interest You

Rectangular or square in
shape, traditional locker
plates can be customized
to fit your team’s needs.

custom profile locker plates nameplates

Tailored with the shape of your logo in mind these profile locker plates will make your brand pop.

custom back-lit locker plates nameplates

Brighten up your locker room with our custom back-lit locker plates.

custom metal metallic locker plates nameplates

Printed directly on sliver or gold tin, metallic locker plates will outshine the rest.

custom travel locker nameplates plates

Enjoy the perks of feeling like you are home with travel locker plates.

desk nameplates

Spice up your office desk with a custom desk nameplate.