Custom Helmet Decals

TAG UP Helmet Decals.. tough as your starters!

Set your team apart from the rest with custom helmet decals. High quality graphics paired with durable GearWrap vinyl and laminate make this a winning decision. Scroll down for more information on each individual option. Still have questions…. contact our sales department at 800-528-0828 or email

Several options below from which to choose:

    • Helmet Logos
    • Number Sets (0-9)
    • Number Sheet (00-99)
    • Award Recognition
    • Shoe/Laundry Stickers

Never an artwork fee! No minimum order requirements!

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Helmet Logos:
Standard size is approx 2.5″.

Helmet Number Sets:
Standard sizes: 1″ – 1.5″ – 2″ – 2.5″ – 3″

Number Sheet Set:
1.5″ circles

Award Recognition:
Available in .75″ or 1.25″ circles.

Shoe/Laundry Decal Stickers:
1.1 x .25″ ovals

Conference Logo:
Standard size is approx 2″ wide

Back Logo:
Standard size is approx 3″ wide

Center Stripe:
Standard size is approx 1″ wide. Cut to length after application.

Back Stripe:
Standard size is approx 1″ wide. Cut to length after application.

Bat Stickers:
1.5″ circles

Hockey Stick Decals:
.5″ wide. Length varies  / approx 4″

*Standard sizes are a starting point. Sizes vary based on your helmet brand/style. 

Helmet Logos

Show your school pride on the field with custom helmet decals. We take your schools logo identity and transform it into beautiful decals for your helmet sides. Sold in sets of 2 and easy to apply, these decals will set you apart from your opponent. Printed on strong GearWrap vinyl and laminated with up to 20mil strong laminate. Upgrade to Matte Finish or Chrome Accents to make a statement!

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Number Sets

Individualize your players’ helmets with custom number sets.

  • Choose from three standard font options, or send us your schools Media Guide or custom font and we will personalize to match your own brand.
  • Available in one, two or three colors to match your logo.
  • Also, choose the size (1″ – 1.5″ – 2″ – 2.5″ – 3″) to best fit your helmet needs.

Made with the same 20mil GearWrap vinyl and laminate as our Logo Decals. Contact our sales department with questions at 800-528-0828.

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Number Sheet

Quick and easy identifications for helmets, custom Number Sheets from Tag Up make life easy for coaches, managers, and players. Choose from a clear, white or colored circle background and select your preferred color for the number. At 1.5″ diameter, these stickers are easy to read up close and from a distance. Printed on our durable ScotchCal vinyl and laminated with 7mil laminate, they can take the hits and keep holding strong. Contact our sales department with questions at 800-528-0828.

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Custom Decal Stickers

Weather it is to remember an alumni player, give visual recognition for goals met, or to give a shout out to a cause, these simple stickers make an impact! Available in two standard sizes, .75″ or 1.25″. Remember, we can customize these stickers to any shape or size. Contact our sales department with questions at 800-528-0828

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Shoe/Laundry Stickers

Equipment specialists appreciate organization. What better way to know what goes where, to whom it belongs, and where to put it than these high bond laundry stickers. Printed on durable scotch cal white vinyl. Customized with your team colors and sold in sheets of 1-99 or full sheets of each individual number.

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*** Ordering Made Easy ***

  1. Make your Decal choice from above
  2. Pick your Decal Colors (color chart at left, click to enlarge)
  3. Use our easy SHOP to submit your order request
  4. That’s it!  We will email you a Price Quote and design samples upon receipt of logo file and pending payment. (Note: you won’t be charged until you place the order and your decals are shipped to you)