Profile Softball Bag Tags

Softball Bag Tags

These bag tags are an unique shape. Profile luggage tags by TAG UP are contour-shaped to match your logo, sport or brand. Made of durable hard plastic or ClearFlex material, your tags are ready for team travel. All tags are double-sided, customized with full information on both sides.

TAG UP designs your bag tags to be unique from any other team. All tags get personalized for each athlete on your roster.

No Minimums: Order as few as one bag tag at a time for player name changes or fill-in orders for current season.

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Profile-Shaped Bag Tags fit into an average area of:
3.5″ x 4.0″

Attaching Your Tags
Use a Bag Tag Loop, hang from a Lanyard,
or clip to garments with a Strap Clip.
(See Bag Tag Accessories for more information).

Classic Laminate Tags
If you prefer our Laminate tags (rectangular shaped)
personalized for your team,
visit our Classic Laminate Tags Page.