Bag Inserts and Window Slide-Ins

Athletic bags and luggage often include a clear window pocket called a bag insert. We can customize that bag insert to any size and design it with your brand’s image in mind. These window slide-ins can be personalized with individual names, titles, addresses, number and much more.

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Athletic bags and luggage often include a clear pocket. Utilize the opportunity to use it! Measure it up and Tag Up’s Design Professionals will custom design your bag window inserts! Customized with team logos, colors, and player information. All inserts are available in two options. Choose from either:

  • strong 20 mil, clear sealed laminate pouch or
  • direct print to Tag Up’s fade-resistant rigid plastic.

Either option is great and bag window inserts are proven to withstand the wildest traveling conditions. Consider ordering extras for multiple uses like boarding credentials, team meals, annual banquet seating cards, anything you can imagine. Need one that is double-sided for multiple uses? No problem, we can create one that is double-sided and you can just flip around.

Additional Styles that May Interest You

The classic bag tag can be customized to fit your teams need.

profile bag tags

Profile bag tags are designed with a personalized shape in mind.

Credentials and identity tags badges

Our credential badges can be personalized for events as well as individuals.