Brackets are the most common mounting option and easiest way to attach nameplates to your lockers. Each bracket has holes pre-drilled for securing it to your locker permanently. Once installed, you can slide your nameplates in and out from season to season. Standard nameplates slide in and out from sides. Profile shaped locker nameplates slide into brackets and leave the logo extending off one side. Make sure your dimensions allow for this.

Brackets sold separately from nameplates.


Order a magnetic mount for metal lockers in your homeroom or for easily switching nameplates in the visiting locker room.

We add enough magnet to secure the mount, yet keep the weight reduced.

For standard nameplates, we attach a narrow strip of magnet. For profile-shaped nameplates, we contour cut a magnet to fit each profile shape.

Magnet included with the nameplate.


It won’t leave you in a sticky situation…. mount your nameplate with tape.
We offer Semi-Permanent adhesive for long term applications; OR, for the ones afraid of commitment, we offer a less-sticky option Repositionable tape adhesive. 

Mounting Tape included with the nameplate.


As locker designs have evolved, so has our mounting systems. Extended mount options allow the nameplate to slide into an existing bracket that is smaller than the actual plate. The nameplates give the effect of floating in mid-air. This is a very clean and polished attachment system. An easy way to upgrade your locker room without a huge expense. 


If hook & loop (Velcro) is a better mounting option for you, we send you adhesive dots or a two-part system consisting of one hook-fastener strip, and one loop-fastener strip.

Fasten one piece to your locker and the other to your nameplate.

Hook & Loop (Velcro) included with the nameplate.


The economical choice… Peel & stick nameplates are printed on our super sticky back vinyl and sent to you as decal sets. Conveniently sent to you in letter-size sheets for easy packing and transporting with your gear and equipment on the road. Just peel and stick to your lockers. 


Bracket Size and Color Options


Brackets are sold separately. Stock colors available include:

  1. Polished Rose Gold
  2. Polished Yellow Gold
  3. Satin Silver
  4. Matte Black
  5. Polished Silver

bracket color options for locker nameplates


Standard sizes for locker name plates include (but are not limited to):

Height (inches) 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 4
Width (inches) 6 8 10 12 18 23


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