Sports Locker Nameplates

Everyone wants their name in lights! While we do offer some pretty sweet style options, all of our locker nameplates put your name on the wall! Pick your size and we will create and deliver!

Need a custom shape? No problem!  Need it to have magnet on the back? No worries, we can do that too!

Our locker nameplates come in a variety of materials and mounting options – no two are the same! Many mounting options available for all styles – Slide into Bracket, Tape
(repositionable or permanent), Magnet or Velcro to name a few.

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Nothing out of the ordinary, but nothing short of extraordinary. Our Standard Locker Nameplates are rectangular in shape designed with your logo and team colors. Built to suit in any size you need.

Just like Standard Locker Nameplates, only on steroids. Tailor-made with your logo in mind, our Profile Locker Nameplates make your brand POP! Also, built to suit and made to order in any size and mounting option.

Make all your away destinations feel like home. Our Travel Locker Nameplates are popular with teams that frequent life on the road. Typical style is a durable laminate piece with a magnet mounting option that can be used in most locker room setups.


Sure to become one of our best sellers! Printed directly on Silver or Gold tin, Metallic Locker Nameplates are a standout in all elements! A perfect balance of edginess and sophistication for all teams looking to step up their image!

Beautiful custom graphics you can see day or night! Mounted into existing LED light boxes, our Back-Lit Nameplate option gives you the best of both worlds. Beautiful display 24/7 with or without the light on!

Even staff deserve some love. Our Desk Nameplates are popular with coaches and administrators to give a little pizzazz to their workspace. Custom graphics with school logos and colors made into a beautiful display. Mounted on wood base or acrylic.

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