Tempered Glass Wall Mount Dry Erase Boards

High End Boards… Don’t Worry, They Don’t Cost an Arm & a Leg


  • SUPER SMOOTH! Upgrade your locker room with Tempered Glass Dry Erase Boards! Super easy erasing (and cleaning) due to the amazing smooth surface. Graphics are printed on the backside of the glass, so no worry about scratching or fading. BONUS: Compatible with any dry or wet-erase pen, permanent marker, or grease pen.
  • COMPLETELY CUSTOM! The graphics for your glass boards are designed for any sport. We’ll match your court, field, or arena to your team branding! We provide 100% full-out customization on the layout so you know your item is unique!
  • STANDARD SIZES! Mount the .25” thick tempered glass to the wall with included super-strong stand-off mounts which hold the glass in place.
    Standard sizes (in feet):         2×3     3×4     3.5×5     4×5     4×6     4×8
    However, custom sizes also available.
  • LONG LASTING! You not only get a super-classy upgrade to your regular wall-mount dry erase boards, you get a board lasting as long as your wall. 


View the samples below for ideas. Don’t see what you need, no problem! Contact our sales department today at sales@tag-up.com or 800-528-0828 and we will go to the drawing board for you!

More layout ideas on our Wall Mount Dry Erase or Flipboard Dry Erase pages.

  • Any Sport
  • Any Configuration
  • Available with Magnetic Surface too!


Submit your design request and logos using our All-in-One Order Form, upon receiving a Price Quote, contact us with payment info, and receive an email proof for your new custom board design.

How long does it take? Due to the custom nature of your board, we need 1-3 days to establish a price quote and design your board. Production starts after final approval and payment type has been received. Standard turn-around time is 7-10 days* for us to make your board and does not include shipping time. Please allow time for delivery to your destination.
*Please add 10-14 days additional for magnetic boards. 


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