Clipboard Dry Erase Boards


Compact and convenient, order Clipboards as Dry Erase with custom court graphics to include your team colors and logos. We design your boards to match your facility! These compact boards are the perfect addition to any sideline. Graphics are heat pressed onto a durable, glossy ceramic surface; printing on both sides and has a built in clip to hold papers in place.

Order your Clipboards in two standard sizes:
9″ x 12″  or  9″ x 15″ 
both sizes come equipped with low profile clip.

Samples shown below are just a few of what we offer. If you don’t see what you are looking for, feel free to email or call 800-528-0828 and we can work with you on a design. 






Have a specific design in mind? No problem. Contact us with your idea. Your request will be processed, and one of our professional designers will email a sample design within 1-3 days.

Submit your design request and logos using our All-in-One Order Form, upon receiving a Price Quote, contact us with payment info, and receive a soft proof (email sample) for your new custom design.

Production starts after final approval and payment type has been received. Standard turn-around time is up to three days for us to make your board and does not include shipping time. Please allow time for delivery to your destination.

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Questions? Call TAG UP direct at (800) 528-0828

See our FAQ page for more information.

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