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Individual Bag Tag Sets

Order an Individualized Bag Tag Set to keep your sports bags organized and make your young athlete proud.

Bag Tag Sets. Each set consists of 1-Large and 2-Small Laminated Bag Tags (each with the same artwork template). Personalize with your name, jersey number, and team name, along with colors and stripe patterns specific to each template. Choose your design from the sport templates shown below.

No minimum order. Get one set, or order a set for everyone on the entire team!

Sizes in Set:

Small:  3.125″ x 4.375″

Large: 4.625″ x 7.25″

Attaching Your Tags All sets include flexible Bag Tag Loops. (See Bag Tag Accessories for more information).

Choose from 18 TEMPLATES available in Personal Bag Tag Sets. Click on image to enlarge.


Order Form download for each template:

Hockey H101.pdf | Hockey H102.pdf | Hockey H103.pdf| Hockey H104.pdf


Order Form download for each template:

Baseball BB101.pdf | Baseball BB103.pdf | Baseball BB104.pdf | Baseball BB105.pdf


Order Form download for each template:

Basketball BK101.pdf | Basketball BK102.pdf | Basketball BK103.pdf


Order Form download for each template:

Football FB101.pdf | Football FB103.pdf | Football FB104.pdf

Golf / Soccer

Order Form download for each template:

Golf GF101.pdf | Soccer SC101.pdf | Soccer SC102.pdf | Soccer SC103.pdf


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