Bag Tag Accessories

Flexible plastic allows you to attach the bag tag. One 6-inch or 9-inch loop is included for each bag tag ordered. Short loops fit most Laminate Tags, and long loops make Profile Tags easier to attach.
loops for bag tags from

Strap Clips
Made of twill tape and a small metal clamp that allows you to clip your bag tag to a lapel or jacket. No more pin holes in clothing.
strap clips to attach bag tags to collars of clothing

Badge Reels (Domed)
Clip your tags or credentials to your garment. Corded reels retract once pulled out. Create a custom badge reel by when we add your logo domed to the side.
badge reels with retractable cord for attaching credentials

lanyard bundle

Standard Lanyards:
Wear your bag tags or credentials using Standard Lanyards. To order, first choose a style. Available in the athletic colors shown and three types of materials. Flat Braid and Microweave lanyards have the Break-away option.


Custom Lanyard Clips

Standard Lanyard Clips:
Get the right clip for attaching bag tags and credentials to your Standard Lanyards. Decide whether you need Detachable, Swivel, or a basic Bull-dog Clip. Eleven styles available, please contact us for availability.


Want a personalized lanyard with your logo or text added?
Click here for Custom Lanyards!


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