Sports Bag Tags

One look at Tag Up’s TWO-SIDED bag tags is all it takes to see the advantages. Simple differences enable efficiency and accuracy in your team’s equipment sorting process and make traveling a breeze.

Easy to read from either side, durable and coordinated with team colors, logos, names and numbers… Tag Up’s personalized bag tags make your players and their equipment stand apart from the competition.

Choose from four styles to maximize form and function. When you see a style that catches your eye, click on the image and get the full details!


“The Original Bag Tag” Perfectly practical and practically perfect. This is the economy choice… but, features full color custom graphics, solid strength and proven full-season performance.

The next step in custom tags features distinct profile shapes with options for any sport. Excellent in situations where you manage more than one team or are at tournaments.  Profile Tags are PRINTED ON clear or white durable rigid plastic and can be cut to ANY shape.

100% Custom and sealed into a soft ClearFlex plastic your tags bend to fit the surroundings yet are durable enough to handle the rigors of lasting an entire season or more… including exposure to the elements. Graphically, there are no limits…. profile, square, round or any shape you can imagine. ClearFlex bag tags are our Cadillac of bag tags.


The next development eliminated the loops and incorporated the fastener right into the tag. Our Loopless Bag Tag is ClearFlex with a twist; custom cut to your design preference from supple polished 40 mil ClearFlex with tails that are partially split and then twisted to create its’ own fastener.

Athletic bags and luggage often include a clear pocket. Utilize the opportunity to use it! Measure it up and Tag Up’s Design Professionals will custom design your Bag Window Inserts! Built in solutions keep your life organized!

Reduce event related stress and streamline workload with Tag Up Tournament Tags. Tournament tags are the simple solution for tournament organizers, plus provide participants with an amazing keepsake. Predetermined shape and printed single-sided on durable white plastic… this is the economy option for large team events! Quick Turnaround!

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